I had the honour last Sunday to take part in the Launch A Lot party and the grand opening of Versai Salon & Spa in Woodbridge as a Makeup Artist. The event was a huge success bringing together local vendors, performers and creative types. The highlight of the event was the fashion show that had clothing provided by Denim 101, Shahani Couture and jewellery by Artemis Fashion Jewellery.  It was a sweltering hot day with record level humidity but we managed to get through the day makeup and hair intact. 

Amie- Co-Founder of Artemis Fashion Jewellery

Live mannequins inside the Artemis window

Fabio, Co-Owner of Versai Salon & Spa MCing the event

The Fashion Show

I was so blown away by the performances of the band Undadogg that I am now on the hunt for a CD but I've managed to locate a performance of their's on Youtube here. I just want to be in a lounge dressed up with my man and a bottle of veuve cliquot and this band in the background. So amazing!

These ladies were generous enough to offer coloured extensions on attendees