Matte Red Lips
There's a red lipstick out there for every woman no matter what your skin tone is. Experiment to find the one that makes you confident. Mac;s Ruby Woo is a matte red that suits all skin tone. 

 Bold Brows and Flawless Skin
 Don't expect the bold brow to go anywhere anytime soon. It represents youthfulness and is a stark contrast to the over-tweezed brows that adds years to a woman's face. Pair that with flawlessly bronzed and contoured skin for a natural no-fuss yet polished look

Eye Liner
OK, so this one will take some practice to master but when done right, eye liner brings big impact to face. Whether dramatic as on the catwalk or subtle (think 1950's), making the eyeliner the focus of your look is bang on trend for the spring and summer. Get to know your eye shape and make it as thick and as extended as your heart desire.

Don't know how to apply a pair of false lashes? Get practicing because lashes add drama and femininity to any look. The great thing about lashes is there is a style for everyone so you can go from very subtle by just adding thickness,  adding length or both. 


Dany Sanz, Founder of Make Up Forever held a seminar in Toronto yesterday that brought out some of the city's top artists. It was such an honour to be invited to sit in on such an intimate event that brought one of the industry's top creative ingenue.

Dany Sanz spoke at length about one of her newest creations, the new makeup brush line that consists of 76 (yes 76!) brushes, all hand made and 100% animal cruelty free. They have been the obsession (her words) of Dany Sanz for the past 2 years as each brush was painstakingly designed with the finest synthetic fibres from Paris, Dany's hometown, and then made by hand in Iceland by a family that has been creating artists brushes for decades.  The brushes are set to be launched this summer and judging by the reception of the makeup artists in attendance, will sure to be a big hit. 

Dany Sanz being presented with a 'Canada' cardigan 

Star powders, pigments and aqua creams

Body Paints and matte pigments

Special Effects Makeup and Mixing Liquids

Eye Shadows


HD Foundations

My Purchase: 3 Intense Rouge Lipsticks, 3 HD Blushes, 2 Aqua Shadows, Concealer Pencil, Pro Finish Powder Foundation (a new powder foundation that is a must have for oily skin girls), Aqua Brow, and Aqua Cream

I have been using Makeup Forever products for years. Their HD Foundation is a staple for my personal use and the liquid foundation I use in my kit. I'm really looking forward to trying the aqua products, especially as bridal season approaches.


Jennifer Lawrence for Dior
She got her big break as Katniss Dean in The Hunger Games but we were all surprised when she scored what may have been her best role yet. As Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook, we get to see a quirkier side of Jennifer. But what is so awesome about that is, she is that funny, quirky and cool in 'real life.' She looks like she doesn't take herself too seriously, as evident by the many traumas that has happened on her way to oscar victories. By trauma I mean, couture gown coming apart on the way to accept an award and tripping as she climbs the stairs to accept her Oscar. I mean, I would have died of embarrassment. But not Jennifer Lawrence. She acted as if everyone in the room and the 40 million people watching are her best friends she grew up with. No big deal, I just tripped. Aren't we all human?! That is an attitude you don't see very often, especially in someone whose 'It Factor' is going through the roof. She's appealing to young girls, men (check out Jack Nichols drooling over her) and women and resembles the girl next door that we grew up wanting to be more like. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Jennifer Lawrence.

At the 2013 SAG Awards


Rihanna has teamed up with giant makeup brand MAC to launch her own makeup line through the company. The deal, which will see multiple collections launched with the collaboration, is step to make its debut later this year.

 Among the collection and first to be launched is lipstick called RiRi Woo, inspired by MAC's existing Ruby Woo, one of Rihanna's favourite colours from the brand. In an exclusive interview with WWD, the singer admitted to loving the brand for many years on tours so working with the brand was a 'natural fit.'

I am really excited to see the line and what badgal RiRi comes up with next. Catch a glimpse of the collection above and let me know what you think.

A behind the scenes look at the campaign shoot


Let's see how long this last. Nicki Minaj has ditched her over the top clothes, colorful hair and makeup and has opted for a more understated look. With long flowy hair, a beige mini and sparkly pumps, she almost looks normal. Almost. Here she is at the 21st Annual Elton John Aids Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party over the weekend. What are your thoughts on her new look?


 While most people were focusing on the dresses and jewellery at the 2013 Oscars show, I, on the other hand, was amazed at the looks that the stars chose to complement their beautiful gowns. Now these are beauty looks so while I may not particularly like their gowns of choice, I was swooning over their makeup looks. The lips, the eyes, the hair, and my goodness their skin, all worked together to land these stars at the top of my beauty faves at this years show. 

Here goes:


Kerry Washing looked flawless and absolutely stunning as usual. The skin, daytime smokey eye, and peachy nude lips all worked seamless together. I kinda wish the lips were a little brighter though. 


Stacey Kiebler was def in my top 5 in terms of complete look from last night's show. She looked stunning and that faux bob complimented her glitzy dress perfectly.


I loved that she chose a gown that complimented her hair and her skin tone. Then to add that bright red lip was just the icing on the cake that brought her whole ensemble together. She is saying to the world, I am a red head among a sea of blondes and brunettes and I'm proud. Love that!


Honestly, I just loved the hair. She took a page from the glam Hollywood starlets of old and made it look modern. It was truly inspiring.


I love Sandra and she looked so beautiful last night. Pin straight hair with just a hint of glam with the hair accessory, smokey eyes and peach nude lips was simple and seem to be the look of the night but her hair made her look unique among all the curls.


Adele can do no wrong with her signature look. It just suits her so well! Now what makes me love this look so much are the lashes. So pretty!


I mean, Halle Berry is just stunning no matter what. Her makeup was very understated but with an iconic haircut and body, and a over the top dress, simple was def the way to go.


I must say, Jennifer Garner surprised me last night. She has a gorgeous face for sure but she was beaming last night. It could be the look of being next to the now Oscar Best Director husband but she had a certain oomph last night and I just love love love her makeup. 


OMG! OK, wow! I mean, rock that short hair won't you Charlize. She was the picture of femininity last night rocking that short hair cut. Proves that beauty is truly from the inside out. So so beautiful. 


She's just gorgeous! Stunning! Beautiful! What else can I say. I loved the hair. The eyes were so piercing yet understated. The elegantly comfortable in her skin grace she exudes is reserved for women beyond her years. Plus I was drooling over those earrings! She is my top pick for overall look. 

Hello Again

It's been over two months since my last post and in blogging world, that is a big no no. I mean anyone will tell you that consistency is the name of the game. I do owe you guys an apology and an explanation for this eexxtteennddeedd absence. If you are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, then you would know that in December I spilt liquid in my laptop. Now what took me so long to get another laptop after being told by Apple that the repair is the same price as a new laptop was sheer indecisiveness. Do I fix my old computer that has seen me through so many projects or do I buy a brand new upgraded machine. Well it took me two months to make that decision in which I decided to purchase a new one. You wanted to see the look on my face when they brought out my laptop. Among a sea of MacBooks, mine looked familiar. It had developed a personality to me over the years which makes me think that I could pick her out of a lineup. Needless to say, it was a sad day. 

During these two months, it also got me thinking a lot about the goal I have for this blog. It was never up to the expectations I set for it from the beginning but I ignored that voice that haunts me needing everything to be perfect right away. Sometimes you just have to go with it I have learnt. That said, I am working on overhauling the blog within the next few weeks so I hope you guys like. I don't want to say too much more but I do have some surprises in the works so please keep visiting and sharing your comments to let me know what you want to see. And above all, thank you guys so much for visiting. We are not thousands yet but I appreciate so much your visits and kind comments both on the blog and your private messages. Keep 'em coming!