So I was invited to attend the launch of Dermalogica's newest product, the Sheer Tint and Cover Tint tinted foundations and moisturizer in one. The event was a Dermalogica staple with guests travelling all over to see what the company has come up with next. 

The Sheer Tint and the Cover Tint comes in 3 shades each ranging from light to dark with the cover tint having more coverage than its sister sheer tint. Both products are packed with ingredients you may find in an advanced skincare moisturizer or serum such as panax ginseng and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin and build collagen. Both formulas has SPF 20 which makes them perfect as a summer tinted moisturizer. The product will be available for purchase in April at , or at a skincare center that carries Dermalogica skincare line.

Follow the steps below from 1-5 for optimal skin health.

The stars of the show

Can't wait to try these!
Being colour matched by Karon- Dermalogica Educator

Gift from Dermalogica


Choosing the right moisturizer for your skin type can be quite daunting, especially when we change from one season to the next. It's a general rule to use a heavier moisturizer in the winter and/or at nights and a lighter moisturizer in the warmer months and/or daytime. That being said, the grey area here is choosing the right consistency that has the right level of moisturizer to keep your skin happy and balanced. Here I have given you 5 ways to tell whether your moisturizer is right for your skin type.

Does your skin still pull or feel slightly tight 5 minutes after application?

This could be indicating that your moisturizer is not rich enough or contains enough emollients such as oils and butters to nourish your skin. A lot of people who has combination skin or even oily skin tend to choose moisturizers that are oil free but their skin may still be lacking some of the nourishment that oils and butters such as apricot kernel oil and shea butter provides. Sometimes people with these skin types needs two moisturizers from the same skincare brand that they can either apply in different areas of their face or mix together to customize the right level of moister their skin needs.

Do you get breakouts?

This will indicate that your moisturizer is too rich for your skin type. During winter, a richer moisturizer is needed because of the inherent dryness of the skin. Come spring and summer, the oils in our skin are much looser and is able to provide a natural moisture to the skin so a lighter moisturizer is enough to satisfy the skin. When we still use the same moisturizer year round, you may find in the summer months that you break out more often because the excess oils from the moisturizer coupled with the one we produce naturally is too much to be absorbed by the skin so it begins to clog the pores resulting in more breakouts. Switch to a lighter formula or use less product applied to damp skin to water down the moisturizer. 

Do you still feel excess products on your skin 5 minutes after application?

This could indicate you are either applying too much product or that your moisturizer is too rich for your skin. Someone with more dryer skin type may  have this feeling when they apply a richer skin cream that may not clog their pores but will just sit on the skin. Even though your skin may be drier, it still can only absorb so much. Also, read the label on the products and check to see what  kind of oil(s) is used. Some oils such as mineral oil and borage seed oil, is not readily absorbed by the skin because of their higher molecular weight so end up just sitting on the surface longer. Use less product or warm up the product in the palms of the hands before applying to the skin.

Do you experience redness after application?

If you are a true sensitive skin type, your skin is not able to tolerate certain ingredients found in a lot of skincare products. Fragrances, dyes, certain acids such as salicylic or glycolic acid, parabens and silicones may cause redness and sometimes even a stinging sensation when applied to the skin. Read labels carefully before purchasing and always, if possible, try a sample before buying the full bottle. 

Do you experience more oiliness or dehydration?

A lot of people who have acne prone skin from overproduction of oils tend to either skip moisturizer or use ones that contains salicylic acid and alcohols which can dehydrate the skin. When oily skin is dehydrated (lacking water), the skin begins to produce more oils which then leads to more breakouts. Use salicylic acid products to spot treat breakouts and use a oil free to a medium weight moisturizer for all over use.


I had the honour of attending the Original Wedding Soiree at the Intercontinental Toronto Yorkville this past Sunday to blog about this event. Renee, the owner and curator of this event put on such an amazing show and really delivered on a promise of a high tea affair showcasing wedding installations from the top purveyors in the industry. The vendors were top notch tastemakers in bridal event design and the guest, most of whom were brides-to-be, were sure to be satisfied by the array of vendors available to bring their lifelong visions of their big day to life. From flowers to live orchestra, wedding gowns and beauty products and how-to's, every bridal whim was thought out and brought to life. 

It was pure glamour and luxe at the Perfect Setting with a black and white, crystal and pearl theme. It was grande and it was beautiful. Stationary was also done by Simply Stationery

Celebrations enthusiast Magdalena Czerny brought 'Country Chic' in vibrant pastel shades. Vintage rentals and florals provided by Ruffles and Twine.

I could not get enough of the decor and beautiful cake and pastry creations at this table. Shireen of Shireen's Sweet Treats had all the guests clamouring to take a peak and taste her sweet creations.

If you are looking for a boutique event planning company that knows what that 'wow factor' is that you are looking to create on your big day, then the ladies at Truly Yours Planning is your main stop. Judging by their exhibit, these ladies knows the rules and when to break them. The colors were different from what was typically presented and those dainty little cakes by Cakealicious by Reem were just gorgeous to look at

It was fun and whimsy from Chrissy and Keira from Couture Events

Contemporary glamour with a touch of old world traditions was evident in the creations done by The Bouquet flowers and decor and sheer decadence in the cakes and pastries done by Bon Bon Macarons and Patisserie which is sure to appeal to the modern bride with deep traditions.

Bourjois Paris was also there to inspire the do-it-yourself brides which is a trend started by Kate Duchess of Cambridge who you might recall, did her own makeup on her big day. With their healthy mix serum 16 hr radiance boosting foundations, light reflecting concealers and even a spray on bronzer, it is a one stop shop for the bride who wants to look radiantly beautiful on her big day. Available at Shopper's Drug Mart.

Hey look, it's Angelique! Canada's most popular event planner Angelique of 'Rich Bride, Poor Bride' was on hand to offer her services to brides

Bridal show featuring top bridal trends. Aren't they lovely!

Many brides are going for an all white wedding theme and these ladies show that it is possible to create a beautiful wedding with white as the main color by adding delicate pastels and creating rich textures. Flowers were by Blooming Wellies, cakes by the Cocoa Cakery and biscottis by Biscotti Per Te

Eaden Myles graced the event with his presence showcasing his custom made creations

E Weddings

18 Karat brought the bling

Glitz and Glamour at Finer Events