VISEART Neutral Matte 01 and Sultry Muse 05 Palettes

Viseart is a brand that has been a mainstay in the makeup kits of top celebrity, editorial and film makeup artists around the world. The palettes are created in Paris using the highest quality pigments in small batches to ensure product integrity and consistent quality. What was once an elusive brand with a cult following has now become widely available and within the hands of the everyday woman thanks to online store Sephora. Their are four eye shadow palettes available on the Sephora website but has remained sold out for months! The eyeshadows are highly rated by those that manages to get these palettes for their pigmentation, blend ability and staying power. Not to mention the myriad of nude neutral tones in both cool and warm undertones that offers a variety of looks from polished everyday looks to high fashion looks. 

Sultry Nude 05 & Neutral Matte 01

The palette are very versatile with the matte shades being used to fill in brows as well as highlighting and shading the face, a trend that has made its way from film sets into everyday makeup application. 

The palettes come in a sleek hard plastic case which is an upgrade to a their much bulkier cases. The clear plastic allows you to see which palette it is without opening. Each palette comes with 12 eyeshadows with colours in the Neutral Matte palette ranging from neutral beige to warm browns to cool taupe and grey tones and the Sultry Muse shades having warmer satin to metallic shades. 

 Neutral Matte 01

The 01 Neutral Matte palette: Cannelle, Beige, Sable, Ivoire, Chocolat, Brique, Taupe, Café, Charbon, Souris, Cendre, and Tabac shades

Top Row: Cannelle, Beige, Sable, Ivoire

Center Row: Chocolat, Brique, Taupe, Café

Bottom Row: Charbon, Souris, Cendre, and Tabac
Paris Muse 05

The 05 Sultry Muse palette: Yves, Camille, Kifu, Gitte, Tym, Jori, CIndi, Chantille, Chloé, Melonié, Diane, and Ceska shades
Top Row: Yves, Camille, Kifu, Gitte

Center Row: Tym, Jori, CIndi, Chantille

Bottom Row: Chloé, Melonié, Diane, and Ceska

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